The Ontario Police Health and Safety Association (OPHSA) was formed in the early 1980’s and structured more formally in 2005.

Its purpose is to provide a coordinated and cooperative forum for police services across Ontario to meet and discuss health and safety topics. The OPHSA is reaching out to all police services/associations across Ontario to continue to expand our membership and knowledge base.   Information sharing is vital to efficient operations, and ensuring members’ health and safety.

Benefits of OPHSA membership includes being able to:

  • network and problem solve,
  • monitor issues and trends,
  • lobby for health and safety issues,
  • provide health and safety resources,
  • supply expert consultations and speakers,
  • liaise with other health and safety organizations,
  • participate in national committees /conferences, and
  • collect and analyze health and safety statistics.

Police Services’ health and safety professionals and Joint Health and Safety Committee members are recommended to become members.  The OPHSA meets quarterly for a one-day meeting hosted by member services or associations throughout the province. The purpose of the meeting is to provide a forum for members with health and safety concerns to share ideas and solutions as well as hear from experts on particular topics of interest.